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Corrosion Service has been a leader in the science of corrosion prevention since it was founded in 1950. Electrochemical corrosion mitigation methods such as anodic & cathodic protection systems have been developed to provide outstanding corrosion control results.

We are proud of our talented staff of technicians, technologists and engineers whose seamless collaboration has cultivated Canada's first corrosion engineering services group into the world leader that it is today.
Protecting your investment simply adds years of service... even in the harshest of environments

Sure, protecting your investment against corrosion makes good business sense but compliance with regulatory provisions and preserving the safety of plant personnel and the public are widely established responsibilities.

We can help you achieve these goals too! We invite you to take advantage of our research, our people, and our years of experience. After all, you have needs and obligations ~ we have the solutions.
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